Vauxhall Gardens: The Best Kept Secret


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As an over-tired mother of two in her mid-30’s (and former smoker), I am constantly on the hunt for quick and natural beauty tips that will help stop the clock and restore my skin to its former glory.

One of the best-kept secrets for centuries, facial oils have grown in popularity over the last few years as more women (like myself) are realizing that it is the best way to achieve radiant and glowing skin – instantly and naturally.

Facial oils are concentrated concoctions formulated with botanical essential oils and although the thought of slathering oil onto your face may make you uneasy, facial oils create a healthy and beautiful glow, and work for all skin types. Here are just a couple of reasons why they work so well:

  1. They hydrate your skin – beginning in you late 30’s, wrinkles start to look deeper as your skin’s natural oils decrease and the moisture barrier breaks down. Oils applied to your face pass through the lipid layer of your skin and prevent water loss, leaving your face glowing.
  2. They nourish the skin – facial oils are made with botanicals so are packed with antioxidants and create a protective barrier against pollution and environmental toxins.


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After hearing about them two years ago, I have tried both pharmacy-brand versions ($25-40) and the more luxurious imports from Africa ($98), all with some success. Problem is, a lot of them have toxic additives and preservatives and others are not as affordable.

Not too long ago, I discovered the best of this “best kept secret” when I stumbled upon a modest and unassuming vendor at a Toronto farmer’s market. When I stopped to view her products, the founder of Vauxhall Gardens (who is also a horticulturist and Ontario Certified Farmer) told me that her Calendula-Cranberry Facial Oil was all-natural, with botanicals grown right in her own farm in Grimsby, Ontario. Not only that, but all of her clients who tried it swore by it. I took a bottle home for $25 and she was right. The very next day, I got compliments about my skin from three different people, something that hasn’t happened to me since I was in my early twenties. Soon after, my 68-year old mom gave it a go, and I swear the next day and ever since, she looks 10 years younger. She even orders and sends bottles to her sisters in Seoul, Korea (despite the fact they live in the skincare capital of the world).  Now that’s saying something…


Photo courtesy of Vauxhall Gardens

Visit to order online or to see a list of farmer’s markets in the Toronto area where her products are sold.


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