“We come to know ourselves only through our stories.  We listen to the stories of others, we inherit the stories of those who came before, and we make sense of our own experiences by constructing a narrative that holds them, and holds us, together.  Stories are how we makes sense of our lives.” Camilla Gibb – Author

I am a mom of two little ones, wife, friend, lawyer, entrepreneur and feminist.

One of my favourite things is sitting around with my girlfriends at a coffeeshop or bar, trying to figure out all the crazy things life throws at us – celebrating the joys, finding strength when difficult things happen, being inspired, raising families, determining our place in the world, and growing wise with age.

Another thing I love to do is read – whether it’s fiction that gives me perspectives other than my own, or research that teaches me new things, or biographies showing me what someone can make of this life.

I can’t imagine life without the sharing of stories, whether personal or imagined. This blog is a recording of my reflections and discoveries drawn from the many stories I have encountered and the many more to come.